Ascent Touch IoT

Our most popular bean-to-cup coffee brewer now includes IoT digital connectivity, enabling a whole new owner experience.

The Ascent Touch is designed to deliver fresh, superb tasting black coffee at an industry-leading 25-seconds. And now with Powerhouse Dynamic’s ‘Open Kitchen’ connectivity, remote management and optimization has never been easier and valuable for your business.

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Save up to 20% of energy costs, better manage your kitchen equipment and gain full visibility into your operations.

Open Kitchen® from Powerhouse Dynamics is a powerful enterprise equipment and energy management platform that provides multisite operators with intuitive controls and analytics to reduce energy and maintenance costs and enhance kitchen performance.

Open Kitchen is available in three applications: one for connected equipment, one for food safety and a third for equipment and energy management. These applications can be configured together or separately to meet your needs. It’s also Level 1 PCI Compliant to completely protect your sensitive data and your brand.


  • Increase uptime with preventative repair.
  • Adjust recipes and software.
  • Correct issues and save time across locations.


  • Automated tracking and equipment control.
  • Real-time data and alerts.
  • Remote recipe creation and sync.
  • Mobile app with Bluetooth probe.