Concordia Xpress Touch – Cleaning Instructions

Concordia Xpress Touch 6 Daily Cleaning

This video tutorial will explain the step-by-step instructions and cleaning procedure for your Concordia XpressTouch 6.

Step 1: Set Out Cleaning Supplies

You will need: cleaning brush, Concordia cleaning kit with provided cups and cleaner powder, black protector/splash guard, and Concordia coffee equipment cleaning tablets.

Step 2: How to Clean

First, open the left door and press the Service switch to the Clean position. Close the door and press Cleaning Service from the touch screen Service Menu. Select Daily Cleaning and follow the steps on screen.

Milk System: open the right door and remove all milk containers. Remove milk trays and wipe out the refrigerator. Next, prepare the cups provided with the cleaning kit as directed on-screen. Fill the three cups with hot water dispensed from the machine and press Continue to advance instructions.

  • Stir and dissolve the cleaner #1 packet contents into the first cup.
  • Stir in dissolve the cleaner #2 packet contents into the second cup.
  • Nothing is added to the third cup; it remains plain hot water.

Next, place the black protector guard on the drain grate under the dispensing nozzle. Place both milk tubes into cleaner #1 cup as instructed, and press Continue. The cleaning cycle will now run automatically; wait for cleaning to complete before you repeat this process two more times with cleaner #2 and hot water cups.

Once milk system cleaning is complete, place milk tubes back into milk containers and place containers back in refrigerator and close the right door.

Brew System: open the left door and use the cleaning brush to gently brush away debris or loose coffee grounds into the grounds chute. Place one (1) cleaning tablet into the brew chamber behind the grounds chute and close the door. Place the black protector guard on the drain grate under the dispensing nozzle; the cleaning cycle will now run automatically.

When cleaning is complete, open the left door and press the Service switch to the Vend position, then close the door once more. Now may be a good time to clean the drain tray and grate, empty and replace the grounds bin, clean the machine exterior, and restock all items.

You are now ready to brew!

Helpful Reminders

  1. Use hot water dispensed from the machine. Do not use cold water; the cleaner is not effective in cold water.
  2. Use gloves and eye protection when cleaning the machine. The cleaner powder contains a chlorine solution which may bleach or stain countertops and clothing.
  3. Use only Concordia approved cleaning chemicals. Use of substitutes may void your warranty and may not sanitize your milk system effectively.
  4. Do not mix cleaning solutions #1 and #2 together.
  5. Be certain to perform the daily cleaning to maintain your machine’s warranty.
  6. Please keep all supplies out of reach of children. Read and observe all safety precautions listed on packaging and use a sanitizer approved by state and local health department regulations.

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