Our 2021 Year in Review

What a year it was for Team Concordia! We are grateful for the lessons we learned in 2021 while navigating new opportunities and challenges for ourselves and our customers. We thought it would be fun to collect some highlights of the year below that help illustrate our commitment to company-wide improvements in 2022 and beyond.

1. We moved to Renton, WA

Our brand new facility is a short trip away from our original HQ in Redmond. Why did we move? So we can have more space for our team and guests alike!

2. Our facility is 3x larger

More material, loading docks, and space means Concordia can continue to grow its capacity to meet demand for our hand-built super-auto coffee machines.

3. Team Concordia has grown by 30%

Growing our team of skilled craftspeople has been and continues to be a top priority to support our customers. We’re relationship-first people which means taking care of each other through thick and thin.

4. We can build 50% more machines

Our new facility is built for scale; more power, more water, more build space, and more test bays all mean building more machines faster (and this is just the start of it)!

5. Our build process is 20% faster

We’ve streamlined the build process by adding consistent flow lines across each stage. As we grow and add resources, these improvements will continue to scale.

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