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As a Hotelier or Hospitality leader, your guest experience is what drives the business. We understand that your amenities, from perfect pools to swift shuttles, round out this experience. And we know these big-ticket items are wonderful, but can be complex and expensive to provide. Naturally, any amenity that’s both low-cost and has a positive impact on your guest experience is a worthwhile investment.

This is where Concordia’s super automatic coffee equipment shines as our products deliver specialty-coffee quality beverages that guests love, but at a fraction of the cost compared to staffed coffee bars. Our equipment enables Hoteliers to offer a high-quality, memorable breakfast program with specialty coffee on the menu or to simply serve as a complimentary option in public spaces.

Why Concordia for Hotel & Hospitality:

• Offer a low cost, high impact amenity.

• Reduce beverage service staffing with automated equipment.

• Create grab-n-go programs that drive revenue.

Featured Machines

Our original Xpress unit delivers bean-to-cup beverages at a leading value to Office, Cafeteria, and Restaurant locations.

Concordia’s flagship bean-to-cup machine excels in a variety of contexts including Convenience Stores, Managed Food Service, Hospitality, and Restaurant settings.

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