XpressTouch 6 – Automated Coffee Machine by Concordia Beverage Systems

Introducing: the Concordia XpressTouch 6, the fully automated specialty coffee machine. Now you can allow your guest or staff to produce premium specialty coffee beverages that they love without having to leave the building! With just a touch of the screen, guests can create over 1,000 different cafe-quality beverage combinations in just a matter of seconds.

Coffee, syrup, and milk on the XpressTouch 6 are specifically programmed for each beverage to ensure precise measurement, resulting in speed and consistency with no waste. The patented technology infuses flavor(s) into the milk of each beverage on a molecular level, so nothing settles on the bottom of a cup. The built-in refrigerator holds two gallons of milk and ensures your guests are only getting the freshest ingredients possible.

The versatility of the Concordia XpressTouch 6 allows you to sell lattes, cappuccinos, decadent hot chocolate, up to six customizable flavors, and even ice beverages, all out of one machine. No measuring, no waste, and no specialty training needed. Just choose a beverage, select your options and press start; it is that easy!

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